Differently from using a bike rack or a hook, PARKIS itself lifts a bike vertically.

vertical bike parking allows you to save min. 40 %  of floor space dedicated for bike storing. Having used several PARKIS you will be able to park your bikes surprisingly close to each other, that way you will save even more space. For more information please click here. By the way, your bike will always be in its place with PARKIS, and will not hinder anyone.

PARKIS fits the majority popular bicycle models. However, there are a few qualifications due to which it might not fit your bicycle. Please read more on this here.

PARKIS is designed to be mounted on a flat wall. It also can be attached to other firm structure such as balcony rail or specially made support.

This scheme will allow to calculate right distances between Parkis.

PARKIS is maintenance free, although you shouldn’t leave “unloaded” PARKIS for too long. Please read user manual for more info.

Safety is our top priority, therefore, adults presence is highly recomended when children use PARKIS.

PARKIS is an automated bike parking device. We will be able to define its use limits having received your valuable assessments and reactions. By that time we would suggest that PARKIS “lived” under the roof.

PARKIS is a bicycle lift. For bike locking purpose we suggest to install additional eye bolt to the wall, next to our lift.