Rod in Australia

I love the Parkis racks - we got 3 in the Kickstarter campaign. They look very cool at our house and store bikes very nicely. We have a mixture of bike styles and the racks work with all. Note however that if you are wanting to use with narrow (e.g. 25mm road bike) tyres, you will need to narrow the clamping mechanism for a secure hold. This is possible by adding a washers or two behind the callipers that grab the wheel in the Parkis unit.


Thank you for your kind words! We have developed a new generation PARKIS PRO line that is suitable for most tires up to 2.4" including road tires! We do not recommend to alter PARKIS units.


This excellent ingenious mechanism helps me effortlessly store two bikes in a small storage room, have access to both of them, and still leave room for other things to spare. Been using it for about a year. Works flawlessly as on day one. Highly recommended!


We are happy that you're satisfied, thank you!

Ilias Biris

I have been using the parkis solution, daily, for more than a year now. My parkis is located in a tight storage area, with 2 folding bikes and a child's bike, and carries my own e-bike. Even with the battery on the bike (which makes the bicycle heavier) parkis is very simple to operate. It saves me space and grief as I can now walk in to the storage area without having to shift bikes around. One thing to consider is the clearance of the rear-wheel fender, which is clearly documented in the parkis manual. In my case I have a few millimetres clearance, which is great, but this should be carefully planned for to avoid surprises.


Glad to hear that PARKIS has enhanced bicycle parking experience to you Ilias! Thank you.


Best bike storage solution by far - lets me store my bikes in a way that also fits will in my living room that looks good too


Thank you Derek, we wish a long lasting effortless bicycle parking experience with PARKIS!


This is definitely a great innovation - we have 4 Parkis and they are all mounted at a 45° angle for better access in our local setup. And they are so great to use every day. Even our 9 and 11 year old boys use them every day...


Whole family enjoying PARKIS - that is just how we imagined it! Thank you.

Tod Wilcock

Love our Parkis. We have four, 2 regular and 2 with extensions. Keeps the bikes handy and gives us much more floor space. And they are so easy to use. Thanks.


Yay for the saved floor space! Glad to you know you love your PARKIS, thank you.


I am so happy to have 10 PARKIS for all my bicycles , it is so useful, practical, easy, it's amazing!!! every body coming in my house loves it. It is a wonderful innovation. Thanks to you.


We bet it looks cool! Thank you for your kind words.

Rob Sanders

The PARKIS Stainless Steel and is a fantastic development of an already great product. It now grips the front wheel of my race bike perfectly. It really is a great way of storing our family of bikes in an incredibly space efficient way.


Thank you Rob. We are glad you had the chance to try out both lines of our products!


I have been using my Parkis Luxury for about 6 months and I am in love with it. Not only does it same lots of space in my storage where bikes crowd the space with kayaks and SUP boards not to mention shelving with other toys! The units not only look great but they work great and really get the bikes off from the floor and keeps them organized. At first I looked at the price and was discouraged but after committing to the purchase I have not second guessed myself. Great Product, works brilliantly and looks great anywhere you put it.


Thank you for sharing your experience. We are happy you chose PARKIS!


We love our PARKIS racks! I bought a set of 4 for the whole family and it\'s amazing how much space it freed up in my garage. I had an issue with 1 and PARKIS quickly sent a replacement, so great customer service to go along with a great product.


Thank you for your kind words, Jason!


Love the PARKIS. Easy to put the bikes away (we got three) and easy to install. The only drawback was the cost was a bit high.


Easy is the way to go! PARKIS is not mass produced - every lift is handmade. We produce it locally to ensure the best quality - most of the lifts go through the inventor's inspection. Thank you for your feedback, happy to hear you love PARKIS!


We have been very happy with our PARKIS. We use it every day and have never had a problem with it. It\'s great for storing 3 bikes and so easy to access the bikes. Well done! No suggestions for improvements.


This is great, we are happy you are satisfied with PARKIS!


It works well like the video


Good to know Hari!


We are delighted with them, their very good quality and stability and the innovative concept, and have spared a lot of space in our small garage in Bruges. As Belgians, we have more than one bike per person, and that cause some problems :-)


Thank you for such a delightful feedback!

Rob Welch

The Parkis product Bike Rack is phenomenal! State of the art, well designed with quality materials. Plus the customer service is the best! Great experience for me and I’ve been in the bike business for years.


We are thankful for such kind words. Glad to hear you had a great experience both with PARKIS and customer service!


I used a couple of Ikea Granhult shelving brackets to hold the Parkis lift away from the wall so that the bicycle can be stored parallel to the wall instead of projecting out into the room. I am extremely pleased with it. Previously I had constructed something which allowed me to store the bike in the same orientation but I had to really struggle to lift the bike vertically manually. It\'s a heavy American Montague Boston bike. Now it is so easy to store and retrieve. Just what i needed.


Happy to know PARKIS is just what you needed!

John R

I purchased two of the PARKIS units for Mountain Bikes. I have two Specialized Turbo E Bikes -- they are quite heavy and the PARKIS system is perfect for getting the bikes lifted to the wall. Thanks!


Glad to know PARKIS handles your e-bikes well! Thank you.


It was very good! It is working very well! Many thanks.


Thank you for the feedback!


I had my handyman install both my wife's and my Parkis lifts. We love how accessible our bikes are whenever the kids want to take theirs out with us. Every contractor and friend who has stopped by and seen it has been awed by a demonstration. It's a brilliant piece of engineering, and I'm so pleased with my order. Thanks!


Thank you for the praise! Glad you enjoy the accessibility of bikes. We are all for spruced up spaces!

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